A linear relationship in mathematics is one in which the graphing of a data set results in a straight line. The formula y = mx+b is used to represent a linear relationship. In this formula m is the slope of the line, and... More »

In a linear relationship, two variables or quantities are proportionate to one another. As one variable changes, there is a constant rate of change in another variable. In a graphic representation, a linear relationship ... More »

To graph linear inequalities, start by drawing the line in the same fashion as you would with a linear equation. A linear inequality has many solutions that can lie above or below the line described by the expression. More »

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When applied in mathematics, the term "linear" refers to any equation that, or any function whose equation is, a straight line. When placed on a graph, the formula follows 'y = mx+b' where 'm' is equal to the slope and '... More »

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In mathematics, the mode is the number that appears most often in a data set. To find the mode in a data set, rearrange the numbers in order, and then find the number that appears the most. More »

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In mathematics, linear refers to an equation or function that is the equation of a straight line and takes the form y = mx + b, where "m" is equal to the slope, and "b" is equal to the y-intercept. Three features define ... More »

A line plot involves the distribution of dots on a number line to represent values from a data set. Each dot aligns with a number in the set. Multiple values of the same number mound on top of one another. More »

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