A linear factor is the return on an asset in relation to a limited number of factors. A linear factor is mostly written in the form of a linear equation for simplicity. More »

Uniformly accelerating motion refers to a state of motion that accelerates at a constant rate in a single direction. Gravity is an example of uniform acceleration; an object in free fall accelerates at a constant 9.8 met... More »

A linear foot is a means of assessing cabinet measurements, in feet, for pricing purposes. It is measured by adding up the length of top and bottom cabinets. The sum of these measurements, in feet, produces the total lin... More »

There are several differences including the number of variables as well as other nomials, their graphed appearance, and complexity of representation or relationship. A linear equation is the mathematical representation o... More »

Linear algebra originated as the study of linear equations and the relationship between a number of variables. Linear algebra specifically studies the solution of simultaneous linear equations. More »

A linear equation solver takes a specified number of linear equations and solves them using established methods. Make sure to review what each program/website is capable of solving because each is slightly different. More »

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The prime factorization of 32 is 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2. The prime factors of a number are numbers that are both factors and prime. In this case, the only factor of 32 that is prime is 2. More »

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