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It also shows you how to check your answer three different ways: algebraically, graphically, ... LINEAR EQUATIONS - Solve for x in the following equations.


LINEAR EQUATIONS - Solve for x in the following equation. Example 1: ... side of the equation after the substitution, you have found the correct answer.


Check your answer by substituting your solution into the original equation. Note: If when solving an equation, the variables are eliminated to reveal a true ...


Consider, for instance, the two lines below (y = 2x + 1 and 2y = 4x + 2). These two equations are really the same line. Example of a system that has infinite ...


In this sense, we say that solutions “satisfy the equation.” Example 1. Is a=−1 ...


Examples of solving one-step linear equations ... the equation, you know that you want a final answer ...


How to Graph Linear Equations: Plot Points, Slope and Intercept, examples and step by step solutions.


We can use tables of values, slope and y-intercept, or x– and y-intercepts to graph both lines on the same set of axes. For example, consider the following ...


The easiest way to distinguish a math problem as an equation is to notice an equals sign. In Example 3, you take the algebraic expression given in Example 1 and ...


While math-class systems usually have integer solutions, sometimes (especially for word problems) you'll see solutions involving fractions.


Examples on Solving Linear Equations: · 1. Solve: (2x + 5)/(x + 4) = 1. Solution: (2x + 5)/(x + 4) = 1. ⇒ 2x + 5 = 1(x + 4) · 2. Solve: 6x - 19 = 3x - 10.