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Science definitions for linear equation. linear equation. An algebraic equation, such as y = 4 x + 3, in which the variables are of the first degree (that is, raised only to the first power). The graph of such an equation is a straight line. Show More.


One variable. Frequently the term linear equation refers implicitly to the case of just one variable. This case, in which the name unknown for the variable is sensibly used, is of particular importance, since it offers a unique value as solution to the equation. According to the above definition such an equation has the form + =, and, for a ≠ 0, a unique value as solution


Illustrated definition of Linear Equation: An equation that makes a straight line when it is graphed. Often written in the form...


A "system" of equations is a set or collection of equations that you deal with all together at once. Linear equations (ones that graph as straight lines) are simpler than non-linear equations, and the simplest linear system is one with two equations and two variables.


A system of linear equations can come in handy when we come across problems where we have more than one quantity to find. In this lesson, we'll learn how to define a system of linear equations and ...


linear equation n. An algebraic equation, such as y = 2x + 7 or 3x + 2y - z = 4, in which the highest degree term in the variable or variables is of the first degree. The graph of such an equation is a straight line if there are two variables. linear equation n (Mathematics) a polynomial equation of the first degree, such as x + y = 7 lin′ear equa ...

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Linear equation definition is - an equation of the first degree in any number of variables. an equation of the first degree in any number of variables… See the full definition


In mathematics, a system of linear equations (or linear system) is a collection of two or more linear equations involving the same set of variables. For example, + − = − + = − − + − = is a system of three equations in the three variables x, y, z.A solution to a linear system is an assignment of values to the variables such that all the equations are simultaneously satisfied.


Linear equations like y = 2x + 7 are called "linear" because they make a straight line when we graph them. These tutorials introduce you to linear relationships, their graphs, and functions. Learn for free about math, art, computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, history, and more.


Defining a Linear Equation. This lesson is on what a linear equation is. And the answer to that question is essentially a linear equation is any pattern of numbers that is increasing or decreasing ...