Organizations with cheap lifetime memberships include the Girl Scouts, the American Paint Horse Association and the Future Farmers of America. Chapters of these organizations are located across the United States. More » Business & Finance Corporations

No major fitness club in the United States offers lifetime memberships valid at every location, as of 2015. Some individual franchises of LA Fitness and Red Fitness may offer lifetime memberships, but these memberships a... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

A lifetime annuity rate pertains to the annual rate of return that a lifetime annuity provides for the remainder of an investor's life. A lifetime annuity is also referred to as immediate annuity, notes Investopedia. More » Business & Finance Investing

The American Automobile Association, or AAA, allows members to renew their memberships and make their payments on the AAA website for their region; members can also sign up for the Advantage Renewal program to not have t... More » Business & Finance Corporations

Since the cost of lifetime memberships is often less than 10 years paid out individually, it's a better deal for people who use the membership now and are active enough to use it for that time period. People who buy the ... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

As of 2015, Goodman offers lifetime limited warranties on its air conditioner compressors and furnace heat exchangers; a 10-year limited warranty covers parts. The company also replaces certain gas furnaces under a 10-ye... More » Business & Finance Corporations

It is easy to cancel a Netflix membership. Netflix customers can leave easily and reinstate their memberships whenever they wish to do so, explains Quartz. Cancelling a subscription with Amazon Prime Instant Video is has... More » Business & Finance Corporations