The YMCA of Saginaw, Michigan charges anywhere from $15 to $55 a month for an individual membership as of 2015. A one-time start up fee is often required. Each YMCA location sets its own membership fees. More » Health Fitness & Exercise

Lifetime Fitness in Orland Park, Illinois, does not publish its pricing on its website; to determine pricing, interested visitors must click the Request Pricing button on the Membership Benefits page. The user must then ... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

Information regarding membership fees to join the Veterans of Foreign Wars is available on its website. The organization lists both types of memberships and associated fees to join at each membership level. More » Government & Politics Military

YMCA membership fees vary throughout the United States and in most cases a one-off joining fee is also payable. Discounts and payment options also vary in different parts of the country. More »

YMCA monthly membership fees range from approximately $5 to $75 vary by location, age, household income, and number of members on a plan. Some, like the YMCA of Chesapeake, provide a rate calculator on their website. Oth... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

YMCA membership fees may include on-site childcare, personal training, year-round swimming, several free guest passes and reduced rates on additional programs. Free orientations are available to learn how to use the equi... More »

The Norfolk, Nebraska, YMCA charges $30.75 per month for adult membership as of February 2015; rates for YMCA gym memberships vary by location. Children between the ages of 1 and 11 can get a membership for $14.25 per mo... More »