Since the cost of lifetime memberships is often less than 10 years paid out individually, it's a better deal for people who use the membership now and are active enough to use it for that time period. People who buy the ... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

Organizations with cheap lifetime memberships include the Girl Scouts, the American Paint Horse Association and the Future Farmers of America. Chapters of these organizations are located across the United States. More » Business & Finance Corporations

Information regarding membership fees to join the Veterans of Foreign Wars is available on its website. The organization lists both types of memberships and associated fees to join at each membership level. More » Government & Politics Military

As of 2015, Planet Fitness memberships costs either $10 or $19.99 per month, depending on membership type, according to the official website. The different membership types vary in their benefits. More »

The Norfolk, Nebraska, YMCA charges $30.75 per month for adult membership as of February 2015; rates for YMCA gym memberships vary by location. Children between the ages of 1 and 11 can get a membership for $14.25 per mo... More »

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