Life in the United States during the Great Depression was characterized by unemployment, homelessness and poverty. Children and teenagers had little access to regular education. More »

In the Depression era, women and girls often wore dresses or skirt sets, while men and young boys wore pants with button-up shirts. Many families made their own clothing. More »

During the majority of the Great Depression, the President of the United States of America was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. However, the Great Depression began in 1929, when Herbert Hoover was in office. Franklin Roosevelt... More »

The Great Depression had a huge social and psychological impact on people as a result of the loss of income (and concomitant increase in poverty), the loss of income potential, the need for migration, and the length of t... More »

Common causes of homelessness in the United States include poverty, unemployment and a lack of affordable housing, as of 2015. Poverty and unemployment are more common causes of homelessness for families, while substance... More »

As a result of his commitment to balancing the federal budget and his business-friendly policies, President Calvin Coolidge successfully strove to maintain the economic good times the United States enjoyed between the sh... More »

The Great Depression began in the United States in September 1929 and lasted through 1939. With the stock market crash in October 1929 the depression was felt worldwide, with most countries experiencing extreme financial... More »