Home Life Insurance Company was an insurer established in 1860 in Brooklyn, New York, as noted by The Phoenix Companies. It was the first insurance company authorized to conduct business in New York by the New York Insur... More »

Along with its affiliates and subsidiaries, CMFG Life Insurance Company does business under the marketing name CUNA, short for Credit Union National Association, Mutual Group. The company primarily provides financial ser... More »

The Durham Life Insurance Company was an insurance company based in Raleigh, N.C. for most of its existence. The company went through a series of mergers and acquisitions beginning in 1979 and is no longer in business as... More »

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Prominent city leaders founded the predecessor of Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance in Hartford, Connecticut in 1851 and the Home Life Insurance Company in New York in 1860, reports The Phoenix Companies. After pioneering in... More »

Occidental Life Insurance Company of North Carolina is an insurance company that specializes in providing life insurance policies to individual consumers. Customers have the ability to purchase a policy on their own or t... More »

Stonebridge Life Insurance Company offers life, accidental death, dental and health insurance plans, according to the company. It offers insurance in every state except New York, and available policies vary among states ... More »

John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company was founded in 1862 in Massachusetts. At the time, John Hancock was the governor of the state. His company initially had four employees and was located in the back of the buildi... More »