Life and death tattoos are reflective of the importance of these two life events. These tattoos can vary in design and show "both sides of the coin." Usually the words "Life" and "Death" will be incorporated in the desig... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Tattoos

Irish tattoos are often worn to depict ancient Celtic Ireland and include Celtic knots, key tattoos, Moon tattoos and the shamrock. An Irish belief is that mirrors capture souls upon death, and because of this, many ladi... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Tattoos

Prison tattoos are those that are created while incarcerated or are designed to look that way. They may convey gang or mafia affiliation, racism or toughness. More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Tattoos

The candy skull tattoo is linked to life and death, which is often the meaning of the tattoo. Also called sugar skulls, candy skulls have a rich history as a symbol on Dia de los Muertos, or "Day of the Dead." More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Tattoos

The owl is an object of rich symbolism in many cultures, ranging from wisdom, to luck, to death. One can make a permanent and powerful statement by acquiring this mysterious bird as a tattoo. More »

Tattoos have become popular among people of all ages and walks of life. According to Mayo Clinic, a tattoo is a permanent investment that comes with risks and precautions. Before getting a tattoo, you should research wha... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Tattoos

According to Tattoo Joy, a knife or dagger symbolizes confrontation, justice, war or death. Many individuals get tattoos just for aesthetic reasons, so not all knife tattoos have the same meaning, or any meaning at all. More »