The fern life cycle and moss life cycle are similar in that they have alternation between sporophyte and gametophyte stages and that both rely on layers of water so that their sperm can swim from one gametophyte to the e... More »

Whale sharks breed by internal insemination of a female by a male. The young are born alive and take about 30 years to reach sexual maturity. Whale sharks are believed to live 70 to 100 years. More »

A zebra spider goes through embryonic, larval, nymph and adult stages. A zebra spider begins in a fertilized egg sac, usually hidden underneath a rock. Upon hatching, the larva is too small to have any identifiable featu... More » Pets & Animals Bugs Spiders

The conspicuous part of a fern plant is called the sporophyte. A sporophyte is a mature fern that produces spores. More »

A plant life cycle diagram shows a sporophyte plant create a spore that grows into a gametophyte plant that releases gametes, which then combines with another gamete to form the embryo of another sporophyte plant. The ex... More »

Photosynthesis has two main stages: light reactions and the Calvin cycle; the Calvin cycle has three stages called carbon fixation, reduction and regeneration of RuBP. Photosynthesis is a chemical process in plants which... More »

Caribou moss, like other Arctic lichens, can make its own food, has strong and hardy tissues, and can survive for long periods of time without water. Caribou moss belongs to the class of lichens. These hardy species have... More »