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The Libertarian Party offers you an alternative to the broken two party system in America. Libertarians support your freedom on all issues, all of the time.


The Libertarian candidate in the 1996 election was Harry Browne, an author and investment advisor. Browne, a longtime Libertarian, had never held a political ...


Individualism. Libertarians see the individual as the basic unit of social analysis. Only individuals make choices and are responsible for their actions. Libertarian ...


Aug 23, 2020 ... Cohen originally ran for the Libertarian vice-president post alongside the presidential candidate Vermin Supreme, a longtime political activist best ...


Plenty. If individual Libertarians were elected to Parliament, they would vote against laws that restricted personal and economic freedom and in favour of measures ...


Introduction to the Libertarian Party. Note: This page was produced by members of the MIT Libertarians. To our knowledge, all factual information is correct.


Founded in 1971, in the United States, the Libertarian Party takes a strong stance on civil liberties, laissez-faire principles, minimal government involvement, ...


They work together to win elections. You can also choose not to join any of the political parties and still be a voter. There is no cost to join a party.


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PREAMBLE. As Libertarians, we seek a world of liberty: a world in which all individuals are sovereign over their own lives and are ...