Use to quickly and easily unlock your phone. Unlocking your phone allows you to use a different service carrier. For example, you can use a phone that you bought through AT&T on the Verizon network aft... More » Technology Mobile

The International Mobile Station Equipment Identity number is a number given by mobile phone manufacturers to identify a particular phone and allow it to connect to a GSM network. The IMEI number is known as a device ide... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

Find the IMEI code in the About section on your iPhone or Android smartphone. You can also dial *#06# to view the IMEI code in a pop-up window. More »

There are several websites that offer unlock codes for mobile phones or details for how to find them, including and To find the correct unlock code, users must provide the make and mode... More » Technology Mobile

Free unlock codes can be obtained through Verizon Wireless directly. A device is unlocked by disabling software that prevents its use on another network, but devices may still be inoperable on other networks due to techn... More »

Major cellular phone service providers may unlock phones for their customers for free as of 2015. However, some companies may have restrictions on when, how and which phones they unlock for customers. More » Technology Mobile

To unlock a ZTE phone, enter the factory unlock code based on the phone’s international mobile equipment identity number. Sites such as Unlock Mob, and Unlockninja allow you to look up the code for your d... More »