Use to quickly and easily unlock your phone. Unlocking your phone allows you to use a different service carrier. For example, you can use a phone that you bought through AT&T on the Verizon network aft... More » Technology Mobile

The International Mobile Station Equipment Identity number is a number given by mobile phone manufacturers to identify a particular phone and allow it to connect to a GSM network. The IMEI number is known as a device ide... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

Find the IMEI code in the About section on your iPhone or Android smartphone. You can also dial *#06# to view the IMEI code in a pop-up window. More » Technology Mobile
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Use Android Device Manager or a third-party lost phone app, such as Plan B, to find a lost Android phone. Calling the phone and listening for the ringer is another option. More » Technology Mobile

Personal unblock keys are codes for resetting the personal identification number of a cellphone's subscriber identity module card. Cellphones with the PIN protection feature require users to enter a PIN to unlock the SIM... More » Technology Mobile

Phone unlock codes are available on websites like, and, as of June 2015. Unlock codes are sometimes available for free. Before purchasing a code from a third party, first c... More » Technology Mobile

Some common LG phone codes include 2945*#01*#, *#06#, 2945*#01*#, and ##2342, as of 2015.,, and are examples of websites that offer LG phone codes. Each code has a unique funct... More » Technology Mobile