A lever makes work easier because it allows a person to move an object using less force. To reduce the force that is necessary to move the object, the person using the lever has to increase the distance for the area they... More »

Simple machines allow people to make tradeoffs that reduce the amount of work necessary to perform a task. Simple machines may convert one type of force to another, change the direction of an applied force or trade dista... More »

Machines make work easier by multiplying the force a human can exert and allowing automation of production. Simple machines, such as the lever and pulley, grant humans the ability to move objects too heavy for manual man... More »

A pulley makes work easier by redirecting and amplifying force. It helps reverse the direction of an individual’s lifting force. As a user pulls a rope down, the pulley lifts the weight up. When two ropes and wheels are ... More »

A fixed pulley makes work easier by changing the direction of the force required to lift a load. To raise a load with a fixed pulley, a downward force is needed, which is easier than the upward force needed to lift the l... More »

According to Mediahex, a wheel and axle makes work easier by changing the amount of force applied to a load. The object that is being moved is a load located at the axle. A force applied at the outer edge of the wheel mo... More »

A wedge utilizes a principle known as mechanical advantage in order to reduce the force needed to lift or separate an object. When driven under load, wedges function by transferring the direction of force applied. More »