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The symptoms of early-stage leukemia may be silent until the disease is fairly advanced, according to NIHSeniorHealth. Leukemia can be either chronic, which develops gradually, or acute.


Leukemia refers to blood cell cancer, according to WebMD. It originates in the bone marrow, and it can spread to other body parts such as lymph nodes, causing pain and swelling. Leukemia causes the formation of abnormal white blood cells called leukemia cells, which leads to conditions such as anemi


Since there are a wide variety of types of leukemia, symptoms can vary greatly; however, many common symptoms of leukemia include fever, chronic fatigue, frequent and severe infections, unexplained weight loss, swollen lymph nodes, enlarged liver or spleen, bleeding or bruising, petechiae (red spots


According to Mayo Clinic, scientists do not understand exactly what causes leukemia, but they believe it stems from a combination of environmental and genetic factors. Changes that occur within cells that have yet to be understood by medical professionals or mutations that occur at the DNA level may


As of 2015, doctors are unsure why specific people develop leukemia and others do not, states MedicineNet.com. However, doctors have identified several risk factors for the condition, including having a family history of leukemia and smoking.


Common symptoms of leukemia include bone pain, recurring infections, fever, regular nosebleeds, swollen lymph nodes, excessive perspiration, red skin spots, fatigue and weight loss, as stated by Mayo Clinic. These symptoms may vary from one patient to another, depending on the type of leukemia. Most


There are approximately 43,000 new cases of leukemia in the United States every year, as MD Anderson Cancer Center reports. Chronic lymphocytic leukemia and acute myeloid leukemia are the most commonly diagnosed forms, with 15,000 new cases of chronic lymphocytic leukemia and 13,500 new acute myeloi


A person gets leukemia when the blood cells experience mutation in the DNA or other changes in the cells, which are still being researched, as noted by WebMD. As a result, the affected cells grow and divide rapidly in the body. After a certain period of time, these cells surpass the population of he


The early signs and symptoms of leukemia include fever, persistent fatigue or weakness, frequent infections, weight loss, and easy bruising, states Mayo Clinic. These symptoms may persist for many weeks to months.


Early signs of leukemia can include fatigue, frequent infections, weakness, abdominal discomfort and joint pain, explains the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Other possible symptoms are pale skin, easy bleeding, gum problems, rashes and headaches, notes the American Cancer Society.