When a supervisor writes a reprimand letter to his employee, he should be precise and straightforward about the reasons for the letter. The letter should be supportive and provide encouragement for the employee to rectif... More »

Different types of professional letters to staff members include internal memorandums about company proceedings, letters of acknowledgement for a specific action, letters of reprimand or notification letters regarding po... More »

A good example of a letter of reprimand is one that communicates and documents an employee's behavior or performance thoroughly but also encourages the employee to improve in the area he was reprimanded. The letter inclu... More »

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A letter of resignation should be addressed to the employee's manager or immediate supervisor. At the top of the letter, the employee should indicate the current date of the letter, the manager's name, title, company inf... More »

A salary increment letter could be in the form of a memo that includes an overview of the employee's job duties, accomplishments over the previous year on the job and a list of reasons for the salary request. The employe... More »

When writing a dismissal letter, using precise language that explains the reasons for the firing and detailing what happens to the employee's insurance and last check is all necessary to make the process go by as smoothl... More »

A leave of absence template should include the document title, the applicant's name, the applicant's ID or employee number, the supervisor's name, the department and the duration of the leave application, including dates... More »