To write a letter to the editor, choose a topic and publication, review the guidelines, start with a proper heading, and keep the letter short and focused. Proofread your letter, and submit it via email. More » Education Writing

Letters from the editor vary in subject matter and purpose, but they are generally an open letter written by the editor of a publication. The purpose is usually to address a given topic with the publication's readership. More » Art & Literature Literature Magazines & Newspapers

A letter to the editor can protest actions taken by government or a local organization, such as a library's decision to curtail its hours. Such letters can mobilize supporters of a cause or bring public attention to a pe... More » Education Writing
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Some steps involved in writing a letter to the editor include choosing a publication, choosing a single focus for the letter and making reference to the piece to which the letter is responding. Double-check the spelling ... More » Education Writing

A reference page should include basic information, such as the author’s first and last name, editor’s name, the name of the book, publisher’s name, and year of publication. All citations should be organized in an alphabe... More » Education Writing

An editorial column is an article written by the editor or editorial staff of a publication which shares the publication's views or opinions on a topic. Standard articles in journalism are intended to be objective and fo... More » Art & Literature Literature Magazines & Newspapers

A friendly letter consists of five parts: the heading, the greeting, the body of the letter, the closing and the signature, according to English Plus. A friendly letter is also called a personal letter. More » Education Writing