A confirmation letter is a formal document that summarizes the verbal agreement made between two parties. This type of letter is commonly used by businesses to record and acknowledge specific tasks. There are many variat... More »

Letters Free and offer free sample religious confirmation letters, which are used most frequently in the Catholic Church. Letters Free samples announce the confirmation of a family member including date... More » Holidays & Celebrations

A confirmation letter is a letter sent in order to validate a spoken agreement. Confirmation letters are most often sent by businesses to confirm the details of a meeting or an appointment with clients. More » Business & Finance Business Resources Accounting
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A demotion letter or document should include details of the current and demoted position, along with the demoted salary grade, improvements that should be made to avoid demotion and the time frame in which to make the re... More »

A repayment letter template, also known as a payment agreement letter template, is a customizable document that allows a person to outline the specific details of loan repayment schedule. The letter is a legally binding ... More »

A letter request for payment is a document used by a business owner to ask payment from a client on a past due account for a rendered service or product. When writing this type of letter, there are a few things to keep i... More » defines a letter of indemnity as an official document that insures the property of one party against damage by another. This type of letter is typically written by a bank or insurance company. More »