The movie “Let It Shine” is about a talented young hip-hop musician named Cyrus DeBarge who wins a songwriting competition, only to find himself discredited. The competition is sponsored by Cyrus' longtime crush and sing... More » Art & Literature

Prepare the shoes and work area for polishing, and dust off the shoes before covering them with shoe polish. Brush the shoes, and shine them again using a cotton ball. To shine shoes, you need some newspaper, a damp rag,... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Shoes

The best way to shine porcelain tile depends on whether it is unglazed, glazed or textured. All three types benefit from regular sweeping and cleaning, but cleaning techniques to restore the original luster vary by type. More » Home & Garden Cleaning

The ability to create music is dependent on one's goals and level of ability; once objectives are established, many private instructors and online resources are available to help aspiring musicians pursue singing, songwr... More » Art & Literature

Bob Seger is an American Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musician. He is best known for hits such as "Night Moves," "Turn the Page," "Like a Rock," "Shakedown" and "Old Time Rock and Roll." More » Art & Literature

Dottie Rambo was an influential gospel musician and songwriter who was born on March 2, 1934 and died on May, 11, 2008 in a deadly bus accident. It was on Mother’s Day when her tour bus struck a guardrail and crashed int... More » Art & Literature

"Corrine Corrina" was first written and performed in 1928 by Bo Carter, an American blues musician. Carter was also a member of the Mississippi Sheiks, and became known later in life for bawdy, risqué songs. More » Art & Literature