InterNations claims that various factors impede Ghana's economic development, including insufficient infrastructure, a weak educational system, high levels of illegal immigration, drug trafficking and a disproportionate ... More »

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The country of Ghana is located in western Africa. Ghana is situated between Cote d'Ivoire and Togo, and it also borders Burkina Faso. Ghana is bordered by the Gulf of Guinea to the south. More » Geography Africa

Although there is no official religion in Ghana, approximately 71.2 percent of Ghana's population is Christian, as of 2015, according to the CIA website. However, Muslims make up about 17.6 percent of population while tr... More » Geography Africa

According to 2010 estimates, 71.2 percent of Ghana's 26.3 million citizens are Christians, of whom more than one-fourth identify as practitioners of Pentecostal or Charismatic Christianity, by far the largest group of Ch... More »

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