There are no laws for legal separation in Texas as of 2014. For a married couple who has not yet decided to file for divorce, informal separations are often arranged. More » Government & Politics Law

Free downloadable legal separation forms are available online through various websites, including LawDepot and U.S. Legal Forms. Legal separation agreement forms are specific to the state of residence, according to Legal... More » Government & Politics Law

The state of Florida does not recognize legal separation, according to LegalZoom. In many states, legal separation is an option available to couples who do not wish to stay together but still want to have the benefits of... More » Government & Politics Law
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To apply for legal aid in Texas, residents can call a local legal aid office and schedule a phone or in-person intake interview to determine eligibility for services, according to Lone Star Legal Aid. Some agencies offer... More » Government & Politics Law

Worker's compensation laws in Texas include chapter 406, subsection 32, which states the conditions under which a company is not liable for coverage, chapter 451 which prohibits discrimination or retaliation against empl... More » Government & Politics Law

Although legal reforms have abolished many of Texas's "blue laws" (religion-motivated laws governing sales on the Sabbath), it is still illegal to sell liquor on a Sunday in Texas (along with 11 other states, including A... More » Government & Politics Law

Texas probate laws include the independent administration of an estate, which allows executors to wrap up an estate's affairs with minimal court supervision, according to Nolo. The small estate law allows people inheriti... More » Government & Politics Law