A legal separation occurs when a married couple lives separate lives, yet remains legally married, explains Cathy Meyer for For the duration of a legal separation, a court order remains in place that outlines ... More » Government & Politics Law

The state of Florida does not recognize legal separation, according to LegalZoom. In many states, legal separation is an option available to couples who do not wish to stay together but still want to have the benefits of... More » Government & Politics Law

The advantages of a legal separation over divorce include the ability to stay married yet live apart and to have legal agreements regarding property, children and assets, according to WHAM. The marriage does not have to ... More » Government & Politics Law
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Filing for divorce requires asking the courts for a final dissolution of the marriage, while a legal separation does not put an end to the marriage, according to Cathy Meyer for A legal separation allows coupl... More » Government & Politics Law

A marriage separation occurs when a couple decides to live separately but remain legally married, according to Couples can enter into a separation by agreeing to terms together or obtaining a legal separation ... More » Government & Politics Law

There are financial and non-financial pros and cons of legal separation according to divorce expert Cathy Meyer and legal writer Michelle Fabio. A legal separation gives both spouses the ability to live separately withou... More » Government & Politics Law

Services for free or low-cost legal aid and advice regarding divorce are available throughout the country, according to Cathy Meyer of's Divorce Support. To receive free advice on divorce, one must meet the sta... More » Government & Politics Law