To brief a case using the IRAC method, one must include sections that describe the issue and the rule, a section for the application of the rule to the issue and a conclusion, says Law School Survival. These sections do ... More » Government & Politics Law

The typical layout of a trial brief includes an introduction, a statement of facts, a question presented, point headings and an argument, explains the City University of New York School of Law. Each court system has its ... More » Government & Politics Law

Common legal briefs include the merits brief and the amicus brief, notes Rottenstein Law Group. In a merits brief, a party to a case lays out legal arguments and explains to the court why they are compelling. The amicus ... More » Government & Politics Law
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The probate process in Texas involves making an application, having a hearing, issuing a notice to creditors and inventory and conclusion. Probate processes may be initiated whether a will is available or not, according ... More » Government & Politics Law

The Law Dictionary explains that writing a legal statement involves documenting the facts and judicial principles that are at issue in a legal case. Legal statements are written by both sides in a dispute and designed to... More » Government & Politics Law

It is possible to petition the government by writing a statement regarding your stance on an issue, collecting signatures, and mailing it to the office that most closely deals with issues pertaining to your case, states ... More » Government & Politics Law

Motion for summary judgment forms typically include the court name, case information, a basic statement of the law allowing such motions and further sections relating some details of the case, as evidenced by the forms p... More » Government & Politics Law