According to The Free Dictionary, a senior citizen is anyone over the age of 60, or in some cases, over the age of 65. Once a person reaches the 60 years old, they typically retire from the workplace, making them a senio... More »

Some benefits available to senior citizens include discounted healthcare, employment programs and discounted housing programs. Some programs for senior citizens include the Senior Community Service Employment Program, or... More » Health Older Adults

Senior citizens can receive property tax exemptions in the city of New York once they have reached the age of 65. Additionally, the combined income of the homeowners and their spouses must not exceed $37,399. The home sh... More » Business & Finance Taxes

In most cases, a person does not start to receive a pension until he reaches 65, which is the age of retirement, notes CNN Money. There are several pension plans that permit the individual to start drawing from his pensi... More »

Individuals who withdraw money from a 401(k) account prior to age 59 1/2 must pay a 10 percent penalty in most cases. In addition to the penalty, individuals must pay federal income tax on the amount withdrawn. More » Business & Finance Financial Planning

As of 2015, call the Adult Protective Services agency that serves the area in which the senior citizen resides to report elder abuse, or call 911 if the senior citizen is in immediate danger, as the Administration on Agi... More » Government & Politics Crime

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