Water workouts, walking and seated exercises are most commonly used to strengthen muscles and help to improve edema, according to Progressive Health. Swimming, water walking and water aerobics all help decrease fluid bui... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

Golden rod, licorice, and lavender can all help decrease swelling in the legs. Resting and applying ice can also ease the discomfort, notes Progressive Health. More » Health Medications & Vitamins

A vascular system dysfunction, which causes swelling and adds weight to the legs, is the usual cause of leg heaviness, states Foot Smart. Lymphedema, poor circulation in the legs and chronic venous insufficiency are comm... More » Health Fitness & Exercise
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To slim down muscular legs, you must perform aerobic exercises and avoid workouts that build the leg muscles. You'll either need access to a gym that has cardiovascular equipment or a large, open area where you can perfo... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

Body weight exercises, including lunges, squats, deadlifts, bridges and wall sits, strengthen the major muscles of the legs and can be done easily at home. Stretching exercises, such as yoga poses like Warrior III can al... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

Safe workouts for women over 50 include aerobics, strength training and stretching exercises, WebMD indicates. Workouts are important because they can reduce the risk of developing diabetes, osteoporosis and heart diseas... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

The best abdominal workouts combine exercises for both the upper and lower abs; crunches for the upper region and hanging leg raises for the lower region make a great workout. Former bodybuilding pro Lee Labrada offers t... More » Health Fitness & Exercise