According to The Political Compass, the left-right political spectrum generally implies a collectivist versus libertarian view of economic policy, respectively. However, it is also suggested that the left-right political... More » Government & Politics Law

The general consensus among political scientists is that "left wing" includes liberals, progressives, socialists and communists, and the "right wing" includes conservatives, traditionalists, reactionaries and fascists. P... More » Government & Politics Politics Political Parties

According to Nolo, determining the right of way in a parking lot depends on the situation. If a car is backing out of a parking space and hits a car driving down the parking lane, the accident is the fault of the driver ... More » Government & Politics Law
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The basic civil rights of an American citizen include the right to life, property, liberty and happiness, according to These rights are labeled "inalienable" in the U.S. Constitution and are not the only typ... More » Government & Politics Law

Roe v. Wade is considered a watershed moment by many feminists because the decision affirmed a pregnant woman's right to privacy, explains U.S. History. This affirmation is also the basis of laws that allow and regulate ... More » Government & Politics Law

The right of survivorship in a joint tenancy deed means when a joint owner of a piece of property dies, the deceased's interest in the property is transferred to the remaining owner or owners, The Free Dictionary by Farl... More » Government & Politics Law

The right of legation is the right that a state has to send a diplomatic mission to a foreign state. The right of legation also covers the right to receive diplomatic missions from other states. More » Government & Politics Law