Lee Child's Jack Reacher series of 17 books can be read in any order regardless of publication date. The author intentionally provided enough background information in each book so readers can follow the series in whatev... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

The complete chronology of Lee Child's published works can be found on the author's website,, where his works are separated into categories for his novels and short stories. and both... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

Lee Child's website suggests reading the Jack Reacher novels in the order which Child published them, beginning with "Killing Floor." Another suggested route is beginning with "The Enemy" and "The Affair," which take pla... More »

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The Jack Reacher series of novels, written by British author Lee Child, focuses on the eponymous hero Jack Reacher, a former military officer turned drifter. In his wide-ranging travels around the United States, Reacher ... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

The first of Lee Child's Jack Reacher novels is entitled "Killing Floor" and was published in 1997, though the eighth and sixteenth books in the series both serve as prequels and are set before "Killing Floor." More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

Listed in order of the first book's original publication date, the titles of Fern Michaels' nine series of novels are: "Captives," "Texas," "Sins," "Vegas," "Kentucky," "Cisco Family," "The Sisterhood" Series, "The Godmo... More »

Number 18.5 in the Jack Reacher series, a short story entitled "Not A Drill," was released on July 29, 2014. Number 19 in the series was "Personal," a full length novel, released on Sept. 2, 2014. More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction