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Leaves turn yellow because of lack of water and insects. Chlorosis, root issues, lack of nutrients and lack of sunlight are also culprits that cause yellow leaves.


Leaves start to turn yellow when a plant either receives too much or too little water. Pest infestation, nutrient deficiency or high PH in the soil can also cause leaves to yellow. In some cases, leaves turn yellow owing to chlorosis, a condition where leaves are devoid of chlorophyll.


The bacterium Erwinia amylovora, commonly called "fire blight," is a destructive disease that is very prevalent in pear trees. It causes leaves and flowers to turn black and often destroys limbs or even entire trees. First symptoms in the form of cankers are visible long before leaves and young frui


The longer night as summer turns into fall is responsible for the changing color of leaves in the autumn. As days grow shorter, the longer and cooler nights trigger biochemical changes in the leaves that turn them different colors, according to the U.S. Forest Service. Chlorophyll, the chemical that


Blood turns a deep, dark red that is sometimes blackish in appearance when it becomes deoxygenated. If you are looking at blood not circulating inside the body, it slowly becomes deoxygenated and turns darker and darker red, explains Daven Hiskey for TodayIFoundOut.com.


Discus disease and stressful conditions may cause fish to develop black spots on the body. It is necessary to test the pH levels, temperature and oxygen levels in the aquarium to determine the cause of the condition.


Prevent black spots on leaves by taking steps to remove plant debris from the ground, removing diseased foliage, avoiding overhead watering and removing any diseased leaves. Limit the use of fungicides to times when other methods do not work.


Plant leaves may turn yellow for a number of reasons, such as nutrient deficiencies, pests, insufficient water or a lack of sunlight. A plant's leaves may also turn yellow as part of the normal growth process.


Plant leaves turn yellow for a variety of reasons, including a lack of chlorophyll caused by too much or too little water, insufficient sunlight, temperature changes and disease. Plants contain various pigments such as chlorophyll, which produces a green color, and carotene, which produces a yellow


"Leaves" is the plural form of the word "leaf," and it has two meanings as a noun. Leaves are foliage that grow on a tree or plant. Less often, "leaves" describes additions to a dinner table that are put in to expand the table area and then removed.