Suede is a type of leather produced from animal skin that goes through a tanning and finishing process. Although lambskin is the preferred choice for suede production, goatskin, deerskin and calfskin are also suitable. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Spirits of salt can be purchased from most local home improvement stores, hardware stores, pool suppliers and chemical companies. This substance is also known as muriatic acid, acidum salis and hydrochloric acid. More »

Clothes and accessories are often made with the two distinguishable fabrics of suede and leather. There are several differences and similarities between the two to consider to be fashionably knowledgeable before the next... More »

Nubuck leather and suede leather are different from one another in that leather workers create nubuck from the full grain side of the hide, which is the outer part, while they produce suede from the splits, or the lower ... More »

Full-grain leather is the tanned hide of an animal with the hair removed, according to Full-grain leather shows the grain of the leather and is considered the top grade of leather. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

A leather jacket can be dyed, but the process is different than dyeing other materials. To dye a leather jacket, the user must first prepare the leather. More »

Napa, or Nappa leather is a very soft, luxurious leather made of the skin of sheep or lamb. It can also be made from cowhide or kidskin. It has open pores and is colored with aniline dyes. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing