A credit score of about 620 or higher is needed to lease a car, according to Lease Guide. Those with lower credit scores have difficulty finding a bank to give them a lease or have extremely high interest rates. Generall... More »

There are a number of ways for people with bad credit to buy a new or used car, with one of the best options being to buy it from a dealership that offers bad- or no-credit loans. Buying a car with poor credit is possibl... More »

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Those looking to lease a van with bad credit should check their credit scores before applying for a lease, Cars Direct advises. This gives an individual time to fix any inaccuracies on his credit report. Knowing their cr... More »

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It is possible to rent a car with a credit score of 577. There is no minimum credit score needed to rent a car. Car rental agencies do not typically check credit scores. More »

The best credit score for buying a car is between 720 to 850, according to myFICO. However, myFICO also urges prospective car buyers to contact several car lenders and ask their preferences for credit scores. More »

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CarsDirect notes that an average, or good, credit score for a car loan is 680-739. An excellent credit score for a car loan is 740-850. A consumer whose credit score lands in the excellent range is eligible for the best ... More »

Some tips for getting a car loan with bad credit include double-checking a recent credit report to for accuracy, dealing with any delinquent items or inaccuracies to improve the credit score and shopping around for the b... More »