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You can learn Spanish words through word lists on websites that teach Spanish, such as LearnSpanishToday.com, SpanishPod101.com and StudySpanish.com. You can also use an online Spanish dictionary, such as SpanishDict.com, to look up words in Spanish or English.


Users can study Spanish online from websites like StudySpanish.com and Babbel.com. StudySpanish.com provides users with information on how to speak Spanish with the correct pronunciation and grammar. Babbel.com is supported by the European Regional Development Fund and ...


The best way to learn Spanish is by speaking the language. Students can practice by speaking to others or can start out by speaking to themselves. A great tool is finding a native speaker to use as a conversation partner.


Some programs for learning Spanish online for free include StudySpanish.com and Babbel.com. The online language learning social network Duolingo.com also connects Spanish speakers with speakers of other languages.


Some tips for learning Spanish are to work on developing an ear for the language, practicing speaking and being consistent. Additional tips are to use flashcards and label the things in the immediate environment.


Rosetta Stone, Rocket Languages, Tell Me More, Living Language Platinum and Duolingo are Spanish language-learning software applications. Each software package offers different features and tools for learners of different levels. Each package also offers a different pri...


Kids can learn Spanish online by utilizing language websites or by finding instructional or educational videos on video platform sites. Some language software programs utilize websites in addition to the CD/DVD content. Some language sites also use mobile applications w...