Some ways to learn to give good massages are taking video courses, attending workshops and using eBook manuals. Websites, such as and, offer such courses. More » Health Fitness & Exercise

Foot massage is believed to benefit the body by lowering stress levels and inspiring a sense of well-being. Foot massage improves blood flow to various organs, softens tense muscles, decreases anxiety and helps eliminate... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

Physical benefits of getting a full body Thai massage include slowing the aging process, aiding in the detoxifying process, improved blood circulation, better breathing and improved muscle flexibility. Full body Thai mas... More » Health Fitness & Exercise
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Tips for giving a Swedish massage include learning the five techniques of the massage along with the purpose of each technique, and being aware of areas to avoid due to medical conditions. Learning the correct amount of ... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

To get ride of muscle soreness, add a cool down phase at the end of every workout, stretch, use both heat and cooling treatments, and massage the muscles. Soreness can take a couple days or weeks to completely heal. More » Health Fitness & Exercise

An easy way to find 24-hour massage locations is to view local business listings via websites such as or Your area's phone book can also provide similar listings. More » Health Fitness & Exercise

A Swedish massage is a massage style that combines different hand movements to break muscle knots, based on Western understanding of physiology and anatomy. At a spa, a licensed massage therapist usually does 50- to 60-m... More » Health Fitness & Exercise