A parallel LC circuit is in resonance when a current detected through the parallel circuit falls in phase with the supply voltage, according to Electronic-Tutorials. At the point of resonance, a large circulating current... More » Science Physics Electricity

Series and parallel resonance are two distinct circuit structures. In a parallel circuit, there is infinite resistance to an alternating current. In a series circuit, there is zero resistance to an alternating current, b... More » Science Physics Electricity

The electric field strength of a parallel plate capacitor is equal to the voltage across the plates divided by the distance between the plates. This relationship is written as E=V/d, where E is electric field strength, V... More » Science Physics Electricity
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The RC time constant is the product of the resistance and capacitance of a circuit, or R x C. It is used to describe the rate of charging when a battery is connected to a resistor and capacitor in series. RC circuits can... More » Science Physics Electricity

A parallel circuit is an electrical circuit where the current branches out and flows into more than one electrical device and then flows back together again to complete the circuit. The current will still flow through th... More » Science Physics Electricity

The purpose of a capacitor is to store energy in the electric field between a pair of closely spaced conductors that are called plates, and these capacitors are used in electrical circuits as energy-storage devices. Capa... More » Science Physics Electricity

A "choke coil" or "choking coil" is an electrical coil of large inductance and small resistance used within an AC circuit to throttle, impede or change the phase of the current. It is also called a "reactor" or "reactanc... More » Science Physics Electricity