States have different entities that take complaints against lawyers. A division of the court handles complaints against lawyers in some states, while other states use their state bar association to review complaints, acc... More » Government & Politics Law

Consumers can check an attorney's record by consulting with the disciplinary organization for the state in which the attorney practices law, FindLaw says. All states have some type of organization that monitors attorney ... More » Government & Politics Law

To file a complaint against a lawyer, individuals should check with their state's disciplinary committee, says FindLaw. All states have a disciplinary committee, which investigate complaints made against a lawyer to dete... More » Government & Politics Law
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Asking for recommendations from family, friends and local community groups, using online services that connect experienced lawyers and clients, selecting attorneys with specialization expertise, and meeting up with lawye... More » Government & Politics Law

A person choosing a divorce lawyer should get referrals from several sources, be aware of cost, check lawyers' credentials, interview prospective lawyers and choose an attorney with whom they feel compatible, notes the A... More » Government & Politics Law

An Ontario lawyer directory is a listing of lawyers who are licensed to practice in the Canadian province of Ontario, states The Law Society of Upper Canada. The organization publishes its own directory. The Ontario Bar ... More » Government & Politics Law

Asking trusted friends and colleagues, researching online, requesting a free initial consultation with several prospective lawyers, and asking about their experience, specialization in criminal defense and track record i... More » Government & Politics Law