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Whether you struck a parked car or your parked car was hit, you are not alone. In fact, a 2010 Allstate Insurance study showed that 69 percent of all hit-and-runs in the U.S. involve parked cars; 64 percent of those were in parking lots. "Getting into an accident is not a crime," says attorney Chip Siegel of Las Vegas.


A recent study revealed that almost 7 in 10 “hit-and-run” accidents in America involve a parked car. If you hit a parked car, you should follow the steps in this article. If you are in need of a lawyer after hitting a parked car, contact Memphis Law Firm.


As you're backing up in a parking lot, you accidentally hit a car parked behind you. You get out of your car and see that there's been no serious damage to the vehicles. Are you free to leave? Leaving the accident scene is against the law in every state. Read on to find out how hitting a parked car can turn into a hit and run accident.


Hitting a Parked Car. If yours wasn’t the vehicle that was parked, you can rest easy. Courts have repeatedly found that accidents involving one moving vehicle and one parked vehicle are covered because the moving vehicle counts toward the resulting motor vehicle accident. Using a Parked Vehicle for Something Else


You're not the first person to hit a parked car. "Getting into an accident is not a crime," says attorney Chip Siegel of Las Vegas. For example, in Ohio, possible penalties include a fine of up to ...


Parked car hit - whose at fault. I was parked on the street in front of my home. I gathered my belongings and checked my rear view mirror as I began to unlatch my door. There was a car coming about 300 yards away. My door was held against my leg as I waited for the car to pass. The car nicked the bottom of my car door and ripped the outside ...


If the hit and run revolves around a car on car accident, the driver may flee after hitting a parked or unoccupied car or a vehicle that carries multiple passengers. Again, the act of fleeing the scene is the fundamental characteristic of a hit and run accident.


A hit and run accident occurs when someone leaves the accident scene without stopping to fulfill the duties imposed by law. When a driver hits a parked car, he or she is required to make a reasonable effort to identify the owner of the vehicle and leave a written notice. Every state has its own traffic laws covering hit and run accidents. If ...


Should you accidentally hit a car that is illegally parked, you will be found at fault and completely liable for damage to both cars. As the one in the moving vehicle, you are expected to be aware of your surroundings. The illegally parked car is not moving, and therefore it is considered part of your surroundings.


Hitting a parked car is negligent; however, parking a car illegally is also negligent. That negligence may have been partial cause of the collision. The concept of comparative fault divides the total amount of damaged between the party who parked illegally and the driver who hit the parked car.