The three laws of robotics state that a robot cannot harm a human, must obey orders and must act to protect itself in situations that will not conflict with the first two laws. These laws were created by science-fiction ... More » Science Physics

Isaac Asimov is a science fiction writer best known for his "Foundation" series, which includes "Foundation," "Foundation and Empire" and "Second Foundation." Additionally, Asimov is known for his "Robot" series, which i... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

The Law of Attraction is the belief that a person's thoughts attract specific things, people and situations into his life. The Law of Repulsion is the belief that the more a person thinks about what he does not want, the... More »

Entropy is seen in situations that involve the dispersal of energy from a concentrated state to a less concentrated one, such as a hot pan cooling down, a tire blowing and releasing its air, the rusting of metal or cream... More »

Weight distribution laws play an important role in the field of structural engineering, which is a body of knowledge that is concerned with the response of structures to the distribution of loads. Columns and arches are ... More » Science Physics

One example of a parasitic relationship in coral reefs includes crustaceans from the Copepoda or Isopoda orders, which attach to fish in the reefs, sometimes causing harm but at other times simply holding on and feeding ... More »

A hazard is a source of damage, danger or harm that may happen to someone or something in certain situations; risk is the probability that a person may be harmed if exposed to a certain potentially dangerous situation. C... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Managing a Business