Long term disability insurance is a policy that protects employees if they are unable to work because of an injury or an illness for a long duration. It's estimated the average employee with a long term disability misses... More »

If employers offer long-term disability, employees generally have to have worked for the employer for a minimum amount of time and must work full-time, generally at least 30 hours per week, according to Employ... More »

Long-term disability is a physical or mental handicap that causes an inability to work, an inability to adjust to other work because of a medical condition or a handicap that is expected to last for at least or a year or... More »

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Critical illness insurance provides a tax-free lump sum payment if a policy holder contracts a covered disease, according to the American Association of Critical Illness insurance. Critical illness insurance is available... More »

For individuals, the Sun Life Financial company offers life insurance policies in addition to policies for accidental death, short and long term disability, dental and critical illness. Sun Life offers the same policies ... More »

Mechanic insurance usually covers bodily injury to customers and employees, property damage, personal and advertising injury, liability from products and services sold, and damage to the mechanic shop. Some mechanic insu... More »

One of the main questions employees want to know is whether the employer or employee pays for short-term disability insurance. Many companies cover the cost of short-term disability insurance, which may then lead to ques... More »