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To get rid of moss in a lawn, use moss killer on the lawn. After the moss dies, remove it from the lawn using a rake, and plant new grass in the empty spots. Water the newly planted areas frequently until the new grass is fully established.


To get rid of moss on your lawn, apply pesticide, improve the drainage of your lawn, and fertilize it regularly. If you can, it is also helpful to get more light to your lawn. It is best to treat moss with pesticide as soon as it appears.


Alleviating damp, shady conditions and physical removal of moss are natural ways to kill it. Moss grows in yards as a result of moisture, shade and poorly maintained lawns.


Moss can be removed from trees and bushes by hand, through power washing or through the application of chemicals, such as copper sulfate or lime sulfur. Chemical control methods are not typically recommended for homeowners because the chemicals used are toxic and corrosive.


Newly planted lawns need significant care and management. While the root system begins growing, irrigate the lawn lightly and often. Take special care when mowing grass for the first time, and limit foot traffic for several weeks. Once the new lawn is established, apply nitrogen fertilizer about six


Before planting grass, test the pH of the lawn, and strip all weeds from the property by removing the top layer of soil. After the grass is established, water it deeply once per week, and mow the grass with the lawnmower set on the highest setting. Fertilize the lawn in the spring and autumn with a


Remove moss from trees by hand, brushing and spraying the trunk with a pressure washer or copper hydroxide fungicide. Chemical control of mosses is very effective, but the homeowner should wear protective equipment when mixing fungicides.


There are several ways to keep a lawn lush, green and healthy when one is a dog owner, including frequent watering and careful pet training. As dog urine and feces, as well as general wear and tear from exercise, can damage the lawn, it is important to maintain the lawn regularly, following recommen


Apply a slow-release fertilizer to your lawn on Labor Day and Halloween. The fall is also a good time for controlling weeds, removing thatch and planting new seed.


Options for effective organic moss removal include using vinegar, baking soda or Dawn Ultra dish detergent. These products do not cause problems in streams due to runoff water and do not stain surfaces like those containing iron, copper or zinc.