Find the latest movie releases at Fandango,com, or If you are looking for recent DVD releases, check or an online movie rental website such as More » Art & Literature

Movie lovers can learn about the latest blockbuster and upcoming new movie releases at websites such as, and Each of these sites offers information about plot lines and rele... More » Art & Literature

New movie releases can be found online via industry websites like IMDB, Box Office Mojo and Comingsoon, movie review sites like Rotten Tomatoes and third-party movie ticket sites like Fandango and Moviefone. New Netflix ... More » Art & Literature
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A large number of websites keep updated and archived information on movie releases, including Fandango, MovieWeb, and ComingSoon. The majority of release calendars can be searched by date, genre and title, and some inclu... More » Art & Literature

Online resources with information about "It's a Wonderful Life" include, and The 1946 film is one of Frank Capra's most popular films. More »

Amazon Prime adds new movie releases to its rental options on the same date when those movie titles are available for purchase on DVD. In most cases, they are available to rent on before they are available to ... More » provides a page listing the release dates of wide and limited theatrically released movies on any given week. It also provides prior release scheduling for films released during the previous weeks and months and... More » Art & Literature