A late fee should only be charged if a written agreement outlines this possibility. Some states have a cap on how much can be charged for a late fee; check the state laws regarding the maximum that can be charged. More »

Flagstar Bank, like most mortgage lenders, usually charges a 5 percent fixed late fee on the payment amount if a borrower falls behind by 15 days or more. However, some states do limit the amount of late fees lenders can... More »

While the laws regarding the three-day notice differ by state, in Florida, a property owner can deliver the notice if the rent is one day late. The owner has the option of hand delivering the notice or sending it by regu... More »

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Some features of SAFE Federal Credit Union savings services are compounded dividends earned on the average daily balance that are paid quarterly, itemized statements given quarterly, $5 minimum deposit to open a savings ... More »