Prospective travelers can get last-minute deals on cruises by being flexible, checking deals often and considering hidden charges. Rather than set sail with empty cabins, cruise lines often slash ticket prices in the 90-... More » Geography

A traveler can find last minute deals on the Princess Cruises website under the Cruise Deals menu and book a cruise of his choice the same day. After reviewing the cruises offered, a customer can click on the Book Now bu... More » Geography

Liberty Travel and Vacations To Go are two travel agencies offering last-minute cruises. The agencies list last-minute sailings from multiple cruise lines with trips to and from multiple countries. More » Geography
similar articles and are two websites that sell cruises for single and solo travelers over 40. Message boards and links on provide information and opinions about singles cruises. More » Geography

To find single-occupancy cruises, look into cruise lines that specifically cater to solo travelers. Other tips include using a travel agent that can help find these cruises or getting a roommate. More » Geography

There are many ways for travelers to find discount flight deals, including searching for flights online using websites like Kayak, FareCompare and Expedia. These sites make it easy to compare prices from multiple airline... More » Geography

Check out the Princess website to find good deals on cruises. The website has a Cruise Deals page with the most recent coupons and discounts, as well as some contests. More » Geography