Prospective travelers can get last-minute deals on cruises by being flexible, checking deals often and considering hidden charges. Rather than set sail with empty cabins, cruise lines often slash ticket prices in the 90-... More » Geography

Liberty Travel and Vacations To Go are two travel agencies offering last-minute cruises. The agencies list last-minute sailings from multiple cruise lines with trips to and from multiple countries. More » Geography

A traveler can find last minute deals on the Princess Cruises website under the Cruise Deals menu and book a cruise of his choice the same day. After reviewing the cruises offered, a customer can click on the Book Now bu... More » Geography
similar articles and are two websites that sell cruises for single and solo travelers over 40. Message boards and links on provide information and opinions about singles cruises. More » Geography

To find single-occupancy cruises, look into cruise lines that specifically cater to solo travelers. Other tips include using a travel agent that can help find these cruises or getting a roommate. More » Geography

As of 2015, Sidestep is part of Kayak, a company that lets travelers search online for travel deals. Tickets are available for flights on most major U.S. carriers, including Jet Blue, Delta, US Airways, American and Virg... More » Geography

A repositioning cruise sails from one port to another without making a return trip. Some cruise ships relocate to a different region to offer different itineraries one or more times per year, and passengers can sail on t... More » Geography