The Antonov An-225 is the largest plane in the world, according to Popular Mechanics. The plane, originally designed for use by the Russian space program, is nearly as long as a football field and has a maximum takeoff w... More » Vehicles Airplanes & Helicopters

The largest aircraft carrier in the world is the United States carrier, the Nimitz Class. Each carrier is designed to require only one mid-life overhaul. More » Vehicles

Tipping the scales at a total displacement of 102,000 tons, the Nimitz class aircraft carrier is the largest warship in the United States Naval arsenal. Though it has been the backbone of the U.S. Naval fleet since WWII,... More » Vehicles Airplanes & Helicopters
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The Antonov An-225 is a Russian heavy-lift cargo aircraft designed to transport very large payloads. It is the longest and heaviest aircraft ever built, with a potential maximum takeoff weight of 640 tons. It is powered ... More » Vehicles Airplanes & Helicopters

As of September 2015, the Antonov An-225 Mriya is the largest aircraft in the world, with a wingspan of 290 feet and a weight of 640 tons. In 2016, the Stratolaunch Carrier is scheduled to launch, with a planned wingspan... More » Vehicles Airplanes & Helicopters

Ultralight aircraft pricing varies widely, with prices ranging from around $3,500 to $30,000, as of 2015, depending on the whether it is a kit or already assembled and the aircraft type, engine package and features. Many... More » Vehicles Airplanes & Helicopters

The Boeing 797 hoax originated from rumors circulated via email, which stated that aircraft manufacturer Boeing Company was building a new aircraft with a wingspan of 265 feet that could carry 1,000 passengers. According... More » Vehicles Airplanes & Helicopters