Lard is made from the fat of a pig and can be taken from any part of the animal that has a high level of fatty tissue. The highest quality lard, called leaf lard, is extracted from the visceral fat deposit around the kid... More » Food Food Facts

Lard comes from pigs. It is actually the rendered fat of the animal, and different kinds of lard come from different parts of the animal. More » Food Food Facts

The main difference between shortening and lard is in the way that they are created, as lard comes from animal fat while shortening comes from a variety of oils that are plant-based. Lard is generally seen in the manufac... More » Food Cooking
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According to The Pig Site from 5m Publishing, the urinary bladder of the pig is part of the animal's urinary tract system. The urinary system functions to remove toxins from a pig's blood and maintain the fluid levels in... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Barnyard Mammals

Tenderflake lard is a rendered pork fat product produced for use in cooking and baking. Lard is a solid fat that is an important ingredient in many baked items. Tenderflake is a registered trademark and the brand name of... More » Food Food Facts

Fats are divided into two basic categories based on the source of the fat, either animal or vegetable. Vegetable fats are those that come from plants. Vegetable fats are further divided into vegetable oils and vegetable ... More » Health Nutrition & Diets

Salt itself does not make you fat; this is because it doesn't cause your body to gain or lose fat. Salt is free of calories. Eating high amounts of salt may cause weight gain because excessive salt prompts the body to re... More » Food Food Facts