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Lady Macbeth is an example of pure ambition in the play. She, and not her husband, is the mastermind behind the plot to kill the king. Lady Macbeth comes up with the plan to murder the king once ...


The Importance of Lady Macbeth's Influence on Her Husband Lady Macbeth possesses the power to influence her husband‘s decisions in a negative manner. She is stronger, more ruthless and more ambitious than Macbeth. Throughout Shakespeare’s tragic play, the theme of ambition is raised constantly ...


Lady Macbeth is a leading character in William Shakespeare's tragedy Macbeth (c.1603–1607). The wife of the play's tragic hero, Macbeth (a Scottish nobleman), Lady Macbeth goads her husband into committing regicide, after which she becomes queen of Scotland. She dies off-stage in the last act, an apparent suicide.


Lady Macbeth is able to win his support by using his indecisiveness to her advantage. In the play, Lady Macbeth is the chief agent for her husband’s downfall. While it may be true that Malcolm led his army on Macbeth and Macduff made the killing stroke, Lady Macbeth’s actions both directly and indirectly caused Macbeth’s demise.


Lady Macbeth fulfills her role among the nobility and is well respected like Macbeth. King Duncan calls her "our honored hostess." She is loving to her husband but at the same time very ambitious, as shown by her immediate determination for Macbeth to be king.


Lady Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s most famous and frightening female characters. When we first see her, she is already plotting Duncan’s murder, and she is stronger, more ruthless, and more ambitious than her husband. She seems fully aware of this and knows that she will have to push Macbeth into committing murder.


The Tragic Downfall of Lady Macbeth William Shakespeare’s play entitled Macbeth is a bloody tragedy about ambition, evil, guilt and moral corruption. The story emphasizes a lot on the consequences or aftermath of the bad deeds that Macbeth and his wife Lady Macbeth do and the growing impact it has on them in turn.


Her burning ambition to be queen is the single feature that Shakespeare developed far beyond that of her counterpart in the historical story he used as his source. Lady Macbeth persistently taunts her husband for his lack of courage, even though we know of his bloody deeds on the battlefield.


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It is evident that Macbeth is aware of the power that Lady Macbeth wields and her influence over him because he doesn’t hesitate to ask her for advice. Lady Macbeth is also aware of her ...