According to the ratings on, So Delicious, Wildwood and Nancy's make the top-rated lactose-free yogurts as of 2015. Almond Milk Plain Greek Yogurt from So Delicious is the top-rated out of the 91 dairy-free... More »

So Delicious almond milk plain greek yogurt received a top rating from in a 2015 review of 91 dairy-free yogurt brands. The product received an overall rating of 7.6 out of a possible 10. In addition to pla... More »

Find Yoplait lactose-free yogurt by using the product locator on the company's website. Located at, the tool searches for stores within 50 miles of the ZIP code entered. The user can adjust the ... More »

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The brands of yogurt that use hormone-free milk are Chobani, Fage, Greek Gods, Yoplait Greek, Dannon Oikos, Stonyfield, Nancy's, Strauss Creamery and Wallaby. Dairy products are not labeled as being hormone free. More »

Gluten-free yogurt brands include Chobani, Fage and Stonyfield Farm. The Gluten-Free Certification Organization has certified Chobani and Stonyfield Farm as gluten-free yogurt brands. They do not contain any gluten addit... More »

The healthiest brands of yogurt include Stonyfield Lowfat Plain, Fage 2%, Dannon All Natural and Chobani 2%, according to Woman's Day. Other healthy yogurts include Dannon Activia and Liberté Méditerranée. More »

Yoplait, Siggi's and Chobani are some brands of yogurt that offer low-fat, low-sugar options. The exact amount of sugar and fat per serving varies depending on the flavor. More »