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The duties of labor and delivery nurses include addressing complications that arise in the course of labor, assisting during cesarean deliveries and monitoring the mother and baby during labor and after delivery. The nurse also educates new mothers to care for their new...


At least two years of post-secondary education are required to become a labor and delivery nurse. However, most of these nurses come to the field from general medical or surgical nursing backgrounds.


A nurse educator is a registered nurse with advanced education who teaches future nurses. Most nurse educators work as nurses before dedicating their career to teaching.


The United States Post Office does not deliver mail on Labor Day. According to the USPS, Labor Day is one of its postal holidays. Employees get the day off, and mail service is not conducted on Labor Day, which is the first Monday in September.


Someone who wants to become a registered nurse must obtain a high school diploma or equivalent and a college degree prior to taking the standardized National Council Licensure Examination, explains the American Nurses Association. The type of college degree determines t...


Labor and delivery gowns are hospital gowns that are worn by women during labor and after they have given birth. However, birthing gowns today that are fashionable substitutes can also be obtained online.


To become a diabetes nurse educator, complete a bachelor's degree in nursing, obtain a nursing license, and acquire the necessary work experience, including a minimum of two years of relevant experience, 1,000 hours of diabetes education experience and 15 hours of diabe...