When looking for a deal on LA fitness the first option is to check their website or go to a local club. Any discounts or seasonal sales events will be listed online first, but the staff at a local club will also know abo... More »

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As of July 2014, an LA Fitness membership is advertised online at $29.95 per month with a $99 initiation fee. The pricing may vary depending on location. The advertised pricing does not apply to Signature Clubs or those ... More »

According to the Orange County Register, as of January 2011, the president of LA Fitness is Louis Welch, The chain of health clubs, privately owned by its executive management team, was founded in 1984 and is headquarter... More »

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A signature fitness club is an upscale version of a fitness club that has better equipment, fancy amenities and has a higher membership price. A signature L.A. fitness club would be any signature fitness club in Los Ange... More »

As of June 2015, LA fitness offers monthly memberships at its locations, according to the gym's website. The price and initiation fee will depend on a person's preferred LA Fitness location. More »

LA Fitness features a variety of facilities that are common in top gymnasiums, including a fitness and cardio area, lap pool, group fitness classes, racquetball and basketball leagues, personal trainers, childcare, juice... More »

Some national gym chains and other fitness club franchises allow people to activate trial memberships or reactivate previous memberships online. Typically, this service requires a full legal name, address and an online f... More »