A LED backlight LCD display, commonly called just an LED display, is one that uses LED bulbs instead of a fluorescent panel as the illumination for the screen. LED backlights are much thinner and consume less power than ... More » Technology Television & Video

LED televisions offer better contrast and lower power consumption than standard LCD televisions. The cost of an LED television is significantly more than a standard LCD television. More » Technology Television & Video

The difference between LCD and LED televisions is the lighting technology used. Both LCDs and LEDs use a liquid crystal matrix to display images, but LCDs use a fluorescent panel as a backlight, while LEDs use an array o... More » Technology Television & Video
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A TFT screen, formally called a "thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display," is a type of LCD screen. TFT is used to improve the image of a regular LCD screen by attaching a transistor to each pixel, which provides mor... More » Technology Television & Video

LED TV is a variation of the LCD, or liquid crystal display, television that utilizes light-emitting diodes for its backlight in place of the standard cold cathode fluorescent lamps. It was formerly referred to as an LED... More » Technology Television & Video

According to ScreenTek, newer-model LED TVs are more beneficial than older LCD TVs, as LED TVs consume a lower amount of energy, generate less heat, have a longer lifespan and feature a brighter screen. LCD TVs are backl... More » Technology Television & Video

Some of the differences between LCD and plasma screen televisions include the materials used in production of the screen, the picture quality of each type of set, the heat that each type of set generates and the amount o... More » Technology Television & Video