A LED backlight LCD display, commonly called just an LED display, is one that uses LED bulbs instead of a fluorescent panel as the illumination for the screen. LED backlights are much thinner and consume less power than ... More » Technology Television & Video

LED televisions offer better contrast and lower power consumption than standard LCD televisions. The cost of an LED television is significantly more than a standard LCD television. More » Technology Television & Video

The difference between LCD and LED televisions is the lighting technology used. Both LCDs and LEDs use a liquid crystal matrix to display images, but LCDs use a fluorescent panel as a backlight, while LEDs use an array o... More » Technology Television & Video
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A TFT screen, formally called a "thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display," is a type of LCD screen. TFT is used to improve the image of a regular LCD screen by attaching a transistor to each pixel, which provides mor... More » Technology Television & Video

To repair a crack on a LCD screen, visit the television manufacturer's service center or a nearby TV repair shop. Optionally, repair the TV at home. More » Technology Television & Video

The best way to clean an LCD screen is by rubbing gently with a lint-free dry cloth. If the smudges are oily or if the screen is very soiled, mix a drop of liquid detergent in a bowl of water and apply to the surface wit... More » Technology Television & Video

According to ScreenTek, newer-model LED TVs are more beneficial than older LCD TVs, as LED TVs consume a lower amount of energy, generate less heat, have a longer lifespan and feature a brighter screen. LCD TVs are backl... More » Technology Television & Video