Kristin Hannah published her first book, "A Handful of Heaven" in 1991, and "The Enchantment" and "Once in Every Life" the following year. Over the next eight years, she published "If You Believe," "When Lightning Strike... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

"Fifty Shades of Grey" by E.L. James, "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green, and "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn have each occupied a spot on the top 100 list for more than one year, as of 2015. The top sellers list is in ... More » Art & Literature Literature Children's Books

An inspirational mother and daughter quote from Louisa May Alcott is "What do girls do who haven't any mothers to help them through their troubles?" "A mother's treasure is her daughter" is a quote from Catherine Pulsife... More » Education
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The books in the Mitford series in order are: "At Home in Mitford," "A Light in the Window," "These High, Green Hills," "Out to Canaan," "A New Song," "A Common Life: The Wedding Story," "In This Mountain," "Shepherds Ab... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

The order of Louise Penny's first five books are "Still Life," "A Fatal Grace," "The Cruelest Month," "A Rule Against Murder" and "The Brutal Telling." According to Penny's official website, she has published 13 books as... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

The first book in the "Father Tim" series by Jan Karon is "Home to Holly Springs," which introduces the main character, Father Tim Kavanaugh. This book was followed by "In the Company of Others." More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

Jan Karon published her first book in 1994. The book became "At Home In Mitford" and was the beginning of a very successful writing career. This book was the first in her popular "The Mitford Years" book series. She bega... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction