Kohl's credit card holders can pay their bills on the "My Kohl's Charge" section of the company's website. There are also options to set up automatic bill payments and pay online through another online-bill-pay provider,... More »

The due date for a customer's Kohl's credit card payments appears on the billing statement, which she can access by logging on to My Kohl's Charge, states Kohl's. The payment due date is a fixed date each month. A custom... More »

You can make a payment to your Kohl's credit card account online, in the store, by mail or by phone. To make the payment online, you must first set up an account and register your Kohl's card number. More »

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Customers apply for a Kohl's credit card by entering the required information on the Kohl's Corporation website. Customers also have the option of printing and sending an application or applying in person at a Kohl's dep... More »

An applicant who completes a Kohl's credit card application online should receive a confirmation at the email address entered on the application. If a confirmation is not received, the applicant can contact Kohl's custom... More »

Customers can pay their Kohl's charge bills in Kohl's stores, via postal mail, or over the phone through the company's automated system or by speaking with a phone associate, according to Kohl's website. Kohl's allows cu... More »

Visa credit card holders can use the eZCardInfo website to enroll their specific cards, view their monthly statements, pay the bills on enrolled cards and review up to 1 year of transactions. Some credit card holders als... More »